Departed Portage Bay due to bad weather and went back to Petersburg Alaska on 6/2/18
by lcrass on 07-Jun-2018

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been very good to go fishing. Hopefully it will get better soon!

Sorry to hear about the rain...
12-Jun-2018 SeaWorthy34

And the fishing sounds pretty lousy too! :( But I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL time.

Camera Broke?
18-Jun-2018 CrustyChief

Hey guys!

Sounds like another great fishing year, LOL!!!!

We are in Clarkston, as far up the Snake river that we can go. Hells Canyon Resort is one of the worst we have ever been to. Touched bottom trying to tie up. We play tourist for a week or so and head back down the river. Shooting for the middle of July to be back in Portland.

Cheers, John & Tracey