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by lcrass on 03-Sep-2017 ( 52.147483, -128.088117 )

Departed Lowe Inlet and arrived at one of our favorite salmon fishing spots called Hartley Bay.

by lcrass on 02-Sep-2017 ( 52.147483, -128.088117 )

We departed Prince Rupert and headed South to Lowe Inlet which is one of our favorite anchorages. Saw a nice bear on the beach when we arrived. Guess Sandy scared him away! Weather was very nice and we had some awesome views of the inside passage to Alaska.

by lcrass on 29-Aug-2017 ( 52.147483, -128.088117 )

We departed Foggy Bay and crossed the Canadian Border and landed at the dock at Cow Bay Marina at the town of Prince Rupert.

by lcrass on 28-Aug-2017 ( 52.147483, -128.088117 )

Departed Ketchikan and moved on to anchor out at Foggy Bay.

by lcrass on 27-Aug-2017 ( 55.349033, -131.680967 )
Img 0850

As we came into the harbor at Ketchikan, we noticed that one of the very famous crab fishing boats was docked here. The Time Bandit which is one of the boats on the TV show Deadliest Catch! We walked over to the boat, but no one was on board... heard they were drinking at a local bar! But what a cute picture of Marcia and Sandy next to their boat!

by lcrass on 27-Aug-2017 ( 55.349033, -131.68095 )

We departed Thorne Bay once the weather improved and we moved on to Ketchikan Alaska. We plan to head into Canada Monday or Tuesday.

by lcrass on 26-Aug-2017 ( 55.349033, -131.680967 )
Img 0833

Well, Sandy wanted some lovies so she jumped up on my lap. Such a cutie!

by lcrass on 26-Aug-2017 ( 55.349033, -131.68095 )
Img 0826

On every hike we took, we always came across multiples of deer. I guess since I could catch any fish, I should try catching some deer with my fishing pole!

by lcrass on 26-Aug-2017 ( 55.349033, -131.68095 )
Img 0832

Here's a picture of the Thorne Bay marina where we stayed for 3 days. Very nice.

by lcrass on 26-Aug-2017 ( 55.349033, -131.68095 )
Img 0817

While hiking in Thorne Bay, we came up to a street named after Sandy the Wonder Dog! Isn't this a cute street?