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by lcrass on 12-Jun-2014 ( 48.653411, -123.394781 )
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After departing Anacortes Washington, we cruised right into Canada. After crossing the border, we stopped at Bedwell Harbor on Pender Island to clear customs, then headed over to the nice town of Sidney which is on Vancouver Island. And what a pleasant surprise to find the town hosting a street fair and farmers market! And continuing the embarrassing theme from last year... we each over indulged on fudge, pies, pastries, and hot dogs! We'll never do that again! (Ha!)

by lcrass on 12-Jun-2014 ( 48.653411, -123.394781 )
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At the street fair here in Sidney BC, we came accross some newly invented breakfast cereal... wow is it ever good!

by lcrass on 12-Jun-2014 ( 48.554244, -122.852558 )

We have finally cast off those heavy dock lines and shoved off. We departed Anacortes at 0730 and decided to head directly into Canada. We dont have any firm schedule but are likely to be "boatin it" for 3 to 4 months. Here we are cruising through the San Juan Islands in Washington, and as you can see in the photo, the seas were freakin narley! Huge swells that were about 2 to 3 inches high!

by lcrass on 09-Jun-2014 ( 48.498333, -122.600833 )

After a week and a half of working to get the boat ready and filled with food, beer, and fun, we were lifted gently and placed back in the water after 8 months sitting on blocks in the storage yard. And what a surprise... it didnt sink!