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by lcrass on 24-Jun-2014 ( 49.148728, -123.697439 )

Marcia had her birthday 4 days ago and I forgot to buy her anything... So I spent a lot of time searching the web, trying to recover my stellar reputation. I was finally sucessful and in finding the perfect gift... a new car! She seemed very happy... sort of!

by lcrass on 24-Jun-2014 ( 49.148728, -123.697439 )
Img 20140615 111844 004

Being an ex-Navy Submariner, this photo at the Sidney Aquarium reminds us of the "Bubble Head" nick name we used to be called. For the record, I prefer "Squid", or "Steely Eyed Killer of the Deep" !

by lcrass on 23-Jun-2014 ( 49.148728, -123.697439 )
Photo 1

We departed Otter Bay with our good friends Marc and Dorothy (who have the same model boat we have), and headed for Silva Bay on Gabriola Island. This involved timing the tidal rapids at Gabriola Passage just right to keep us afloat!

by lcrass on 21-Jun-2014 ( 48.798944, -123.310075 )
Img 20140621 142042890

We motored over to Otter Bay this morning which is another of our favorite places to visit. We coordinated our trip with some friends of ours (Marc and Dorothy Halcomb) who just cruised up the coast from California to come cruise in the great Pacific Northwest this summer. They have the exact same model boat we do (named Navigator)! We are now docked together in Otter Bay and are taking advantage of the great BBQ dinner the marina set up for the boaters. Party Time!

by lcrass on 21-Jun-2014 ( 48.798944, -123.310075 )
Img 20140620 132942412

We finally departed pastry heaven (Chemainus) and headed over to Otter Bay this morning. We had a tough time letting go of the dock lines knowing we'd have to do without the awsome baked goods at the Utopia Bakery. Guess we are spoiled! We did think ahead a little and stocked up however! Damn we are smart!

by lcrass on 20-Jun-2014 ( 48.925361, -123.714114 )
Img 20140620 115709711 hdr
by lcrass on 20-Jun-2014 ( 48.925361, -123.714114 )

Yeah, she pretty much lives in this bakery whenever we come to Chemainus! Ok... I admit, I like them too!

by lcrass on 19-Jun-2014 ( 48.925361, -123.714114 )
Img 20140619 155252847 hdr

Well, we had about 15 minute of peace and quiet after the cargo ship left... then another empty ship came in to take it's place! Sandy seemed to be more interested in getting a treat than watching the ship!

by lcrass on 19-Jun-2014 ( 48.925361, -123.714114 )
Img 20140619 151454835

Right in front of us, we stood on the bow of our boat and were entertained watching 2 tug boats tow the large (600 foot long) cargo ship full of lumber out of the port. (By the way, it's Marcia's birthday on Friday)

by lcrass on 19-Jun-2014 ( 48.925361, -123.714114 )
Img 20140619 111639976 hdr

We arrived at the cute town of Chemainus today which is one of our favorite towns. This town has the best bakery in the world. Just minutes after arrival, Marcia was a like a pastry "Blood Hound" and couldnt wait to get off the boat and out to the Utopia Bakery.

Here we are moored at the marina which is very close to a huge cargo ship getting loaded up with lumber.