Rose Point Charts for British Columbia, Canada
by brad on 21-May-2014

I am pleased to announce that we are ready to expand test sales of our new charts for BC!

We still have some work to do on polishing up the chart store and an end-user license agreement, but we understand that many of you are getting ready to start cruising so we are making our new BC charts available to everyone who wants to buy them before all of that is finished.

We are offering two new chart products for British Columbia: one is in raster format and is the equivalent of PAC01, PAC02, and PAC03 from CHS and the other is in vector format and is the equivalent of PAC-A and PAC-B from CHS.

Each product sells for $99 and includes all of the charts from the equivalent CHS products as well as updates for one year. After one year, the charts may still be used but a warning that they are no longer being maintained will be displayed. Due to the low price, we will not be offering a discount for subsequent years.

These products can only be purchased via the chart store built into Coastal Explorer and are only delivered via the Internet. We are working on a way to copy them to an offline PC, but that is not ready yet so if you need them on a PC that cannot connect to the Internet, please don't buy them yet!

You may use the charts on all of your computers that have active Coastal Explorer licenses (up to three). However, unlike Coastal Explorer's license, the Rose Point Charts licenses are NOT transferrable to another person (for example, if you sell your boat and the PC along with it, the new owner will need to buy their own chart license).

There will be more terms in the full EULA but they are all the "normal" things you'd find in any software/data license.

To purchase these charts, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the latest Coastal Explorer update. Use Sync or visit to get the update.
  2. Open the Chart Portfolio and click on the Enter the chart store item on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select Rose Point Navigation Systems from the list of chart types.
  4. You should now see a list of our two new chart products, one for raster and one for vector.
  5. Click the Add to Cart button for the product you want.
  6. If you want both of them, repeat to get both products into the shopping cart.
  7. Click the shopping chart button that appears at the top of the browser and then click Checkout.
  8. What follows is a typical online store process where you confirm your order, enter credit card info, etc. After the last step, the popup online store window will close and a Sync will start. That Sync process will install your new charts.

After installing the charts on your first PC, you can install them on other PCs that are online and activated with the same Product ID by using Main Menu > Licensing and Add Ons > Add-Ons which will show you a list of your Add-Ons. In that list, find the Rose Point Charts for British Columbia, Canada "Add-Ons" and use the Install button to download and install them on that PC.

Please contact Rose Point Support at 425-605-0985 or if you need any help.

21-May-2014 Michael Gibbons

I can hardly wait. I am in BC now with a spendy internet connection, can you tell us about how much data is involved in the downloads.

21-May-2014 Rose Point Staff Member brad

The download for raster charts is 518 MB and the download for vector charts is 610 MB. After downloading, the rasters need about 750 MB and the vectors need about 1.7 GB of disk space.

21-May-2014 Michael Gibbons

I thought that vector charts took up less room than raster. My BSB files for district 13 are 588 MB and my ENC files for the same area are only 121 MB.

21-May-2014 KurtInSeattle

Can you post a screen capture of the raster chart? While I have the CMap charts and the Chartworld vector charts for BC, I find that I prefer raster charts.


21-May-2014 Rose Point Staff Member brad

Michael: Yes, ENC files tend to be smaller than rasters, but then they are transformed into SENC files which can be bigger due to additional data used to speed up the drawing process. These vector charts are not in the S-57 ENC format and are in a format more like our SENC files.


I'm not sure what you're really after with a screenshot, but CHS has some information that might help you.

Coverage maps are at the bottom of this page:

And you can see thumbnail pictures of individual raster charts on this page:

I hope that helps!

21-May-2014 Calcite

I would like to first remove my old Chart World vector charts. Can you tell me how to do this?

Also, if I already have some of the outdated CHS raster charts, what will happen if I install yours?

21-May-2014 Calcite

Where does CE now look for charts? Used to be in "Tools > Options > Charts > Chart Folders. ", but I don't find this option anymore.

21-May-2014 Michael Gibbons

Go to chart portfolio/install charts/change chart installation folders

21-May-2014 Calcite

Thanks Michael, that's what I needed.

21-May-2014 Rose Point Staff Member brad

The ChartWorld/Navionics charts should be in a folder with a name that looks something like "1I07005_13_28_00". (Starting with the digit 1 and the letter I are the important parts; the rest of the name describes the product and version.) That folder should be in your base chart folder (usually "C:\Charts"). The easiest way to delete these charts is to exit Coastal Explorer and just use Windows to delete the folder.

When Coastal Explorer finds two versions of the same chart it will show the newer one, so older CHS raster charts should not show up in the quilt (they will still be in the Chart Portfolio and will still take up space, though). CHS has used a few different places to store their charts, so it's harder to say where they will be. Typical locations include "C:\ChartKit" (also used by old Maptech charts) and various folders in the Program Files folder (in this case, there should be an entry in the Add/Remove Programs part of the Control Panel).

The new raster charts are normally stored in "C:\Charts\rpa_rcanbc14" but if you have told Coastal Explorer to use a different drive for raster charts, they will be on that drive. The new vector charts are normally stored in "C:\Charts\rpa_vcanbc14".

The command JohnOnWings is talking about is actually just next to the one Michael Gibbons is talking about. The "Chart Folders" window shows the list of places Coastal Explorer will look for charts to load and is now at "Chart Portfolio > Install Charts > Install charts already on this computer". The Chart Installation Folders window lists the folders where Coastal Explorer will install charts (it will look for them in these folders too).

21-May-2014 Michael Gibbons

Was downloading new charts, my computer glitched and BSODed now when I try to download charts there is no entry showing for "Charts and Chart Overlays" it's just blank. I loaded an old update and got it back. I then loaded the new update again and it went blank again. Any advice? I have a flaky internet connection so I am not sure you could remote in.

OK I got them downloading, slowly but they are coming in. Updates at 11:00

Added the next day:

Finally got all the charts down. They are fabulous you guys did a great job. Thank you!

22-May-2014 Calcite

I now have both the raster and vector charts for BC installed and I am thrilled! Thanks so much for this and thanks to your excellent support staff for helping me through the hiccup.

Tides/Currents going away after one year??
30-May-2014 cpettigrew

Hi All:

So I guess this is the big difference with the charts you are providing and any other chart provider, no? In the chart portfolio disclaimer, you indicate 'Tide and Current predictions are only provided for one year from date of purchase'.

With any other map product, tide/current predictions continue indefinitely, but if you purchase this product, they will cease working after one year? I'm all for up to date charts, but to suddenly cut off the tidal & current information seems a little underhanded.

... my 2 cents worth.

30-May-2014 Rose Point Staff Member brad

We feel that even if we didn't include tide and current predictions, these charts are an awesome deal. (And actually, they don't yet include the tide and current predictions but should soon.)

The same charts (not just the same coverage, but actually the same charts) directly from CHS cost over $500 for rasters and over $1000 for vectors and they don't include tide and current predictions. You could get the BC C-MAP charts for about $200, but they only include the tide and current stations from NOAA that are already built in to Coastal Explorer.

Another way to look at this is that you are licensing the charts, updates, and other data for one year. However we feel it would be a bad thing to disable your charts after that year so we are not going to.

30-May-2014 Calcite

I feel that these charts are a great deal and are well worth it to me to renew every year. Getting the CHS tide stations will be an added bonus.

That said, I will point out that the C-map charts do include a lot of BC current stations that are not already included in CE. Look at Dent rapids for example. But the C-map charts don't hold a candle to the new charts provided by CE.

30-May-2014 cpettigrew

Apologies, Brad. I believe what you are saying is that additional Tide/Current information will be provided with these charts over and above the standard NOAA information already built in. I was thinking this was also going away if purchasing your product.

...again.... terribly sorry.


30-May-2014 cpettigrew

FYI.... charts purchased. Loving the detail.


30-May-2014 Calcite

If I have purchased the new BC charts, will they always synchronize? There is no option to turn them on/off. This is mostly fine with me since when I am in BC I will want to turn off all other chart synchronization to save data downloads although it would be nice to turn BC sync off when I am back in the US but still have limited bandwidth and only want to sync US charts.

31-May-2014 Rose Point Staff Member brad

Right now they will always synchronize with other charts (as if you had a subscription to them). We might be changing how the chart updates work to give people more control over downloads soon, but until then the only way to prevent chart updates from happening is to disable it in Options > Synchronize and then manually update the charts you do want via the Chart Portfolio's Download options.

Problems adding 2nd item to cart
06-Jun-2014 rlproctor

I added the Raster charts to the cart and then went back to add the Vector charts and the cart was not updated. I closed everything out and started over. This time I selected both Vector and Raster charts before adding them to the cart and all went well. I am very pleased that Rose Point is providing these charts at a very reasonable price and the updates will be easy. Great job!

Cost after the first year?
14-Jun-2014 tdavis

After the $99 initial cost for the first year, what is the yearly cost to maintain the charts? It doesn't go back to "over $500 for rasters and over $1000 for vectors" does it?

Also, is the $99 a "limited time offer"?

15-Jun-2014 Rose Point Staff Member brad

The cost to maintain these products is $99 per year. This is not a limited time offer.

01-Jun-2015 Rose Point Staff Member brad

This is an old topic announcing the "test release" of our Rose Point Charts for British Columbia products. These are now "officially released" products and have been out of testing for some time. I've updated the instructions to avoid any confusion with purchasing these charts.