How to set my Rose Point username?
by Sabre_old on 13-Apr-2018

I've installed CE 4.0 on my Win 7 laptop; it runs perfectly.

On the Settings menu, under Accounts, it shows my ActiveCaptain username, but under Rose Point it shows only USERNAME (not set). When I add places in the Coastal Explorer Network Guidebook, it shows up as user "Dell Laptop." I'd like to enter a user name. Is there a file that I'm able to edit to update this? Thanks!

Same Problem Here

I set up a username to get to this forum - how does it get into CE??

21-May-2018 Rose Point Staff Member brad

The usual way to set the Rose Point username is a bit awkward... It can be done by visiting your blog on the web from Coastal Explorer's Ship's Log feature.

The next update will provide a button in "Settings > Accounts" that will let you get to setup your account info.

Unfortunately, when you setup a user name to access the forum, a separate account is created. That means your user name in the forum is different than the user name for your blogs. If you'd rather have a single account, you can contact Rose Point support to have them merge the accounts together.