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We (my wife, Chris, and I) are now former Bahamas sailors. We keep our boat on the Chesapeake and cruise the Bay as time permits. BTDT with the Bahamas. It was fun, but waiting for windows and shifting anchorages with fronts? Done with that.

We sail an '85 Baba 35 (think slightly smaller version of a Tayana 37, built by Ta Shing, not Ta Yang).

ADDED: Aching over the destruction, by Dorian, of Abaco.

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Well, let's see if I can update our adventures. According to the official note (sure wish I could edit it!), we were trying to get to Abaco. BTDT twice. We got to the Exumas once, and we're gearing up to do it again. We're coastal cruisers - no ocean crossings for us. OTOH, we have a good sea story beginning "We were about 50 miles offshore of Fernandina, FL when we realized the starter wouldn't do anything". (Happy end: sailed to St. Marys Inlet, Tow Boat/US brought us to the city marina, we left a couple of days later.)

We still have the same boat, and plan to stay that way. Bigger looks pretty, but smaller works for us.