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In addition to my wonderful family, I count among my blessings being the owner of a Fleming 50 (hull #8), "Lady Laura". This is the oldest boat I've ever owned, (20 years old now as of this writing) but it has also been the most wonderful.

This last summer, we took her to Alaska (my first trip there). I can't say that I'm eager to go back, as we had an unbelievable number of days of rain, and with two kids and a dog aboard, we were a little stir crazy. Still, we had a good time, and you can read about our adventures in my public blog.

Prior to the Fleming 50, I owned a 46 Grand Banks, a 36 Grand Banks, and, for a brief time when getting into boating, a 27 foot Maxum. I quickly learned that I didn't want to go 40 knots, pound in rough seas, and refuel every day.

In my work life, I'm the primary architect of the Coastal Explorer Network. As a Rose Point staff member, I also enjoy trying out the latest versions of our software and hardware as I'm out cruising.

In addition to work and boating with my family, I also enjoy alpine skiing, bicycling, and hiking.

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Dsc 0037

I'm expecting to leave the dock within an hour for our trip to alaska!

Due to various delays and complications I've not had time to really put an entry in the blog until now. Not that I'm ready yet, I still have to finish putting a few things away. I've been working all night to get the boat ready to go (mostly putting away all the stuff that Laura and I brought over the last few days).

It is absolutely unbelievable how much stuff we brought onto the boat. Food, toys, electronics, spare parts, even a Wii Fit. I seriously question how it all fits, but after a herculean effort, I found places for most of it.

I'm expecting Mike Mraz at any moment, and then we'll both be heading toward Friday Harbor to pick up Mike Johnson. I'm hoping Mraz will be fresh and ready to drive so I can catch up on sleep :).

I'll try to post some pictures when I get to our next stop, if we have internet access. For now, you can see our progress by clicking here!

Enjoy -- more content and features are coming to this blog soon. I'll be updating it every few days throughout the trip.